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Local newspapers reflect the social and cultural life of their communities and thus remain vital information sources for community members and scholars alike.  Enhancing access to this valuable information encourages the study of B.C. history and brings research material to historians across British Columbia and beyond.

The BC Historical Newspapers project features digitized versions of historical papers from around the province. The titles, which range from the Abbotsford Post to the Phoenix Pioneer, date from 1865 to 1989.


For the Coast News, copyright remains with the publishers. This material is made available for research and private study only. For other uses please contact Glassford Press Ltd. P.O. Box 989, Golden, BC, V0A 1H0

All editorial content appearing in The Ubyssey is the property of The Ubyssey Publications Society. Stories, opinions, photographs and artwork appearing in the publication may not be reproduced without the expressed and written permission of The Ubyssey Publications Society

For all other titles there are no known copyright restrictions. Please provide attribution. For uses other than research, private study and personal use (such as publication or distribution), please contact

For more information on copyright go to


British Columbia Historical Newspapers is powered by CONTENTdm. Newspapers are displayed using a custom-built image viewer.  Image master files were scanned at 300dpi to TIFF.  Optical character recognition was performed using the ABBYY engine inside CONTENTdm.


The project was led by the Library’s Digital Initiatives unit and generously supported by a private family foundation.  All newspapers were scanned from microfilm duplicates of master reels located at BC Archives.

The newspaper viewer was created by UBC Library Systems and Information Technology.  Devin Soper, practicum student at the School of Library, Archival, and Information Studies (SLAIS) created the newspaper summaries.

UBC Digital Collections Withdrawal Policy

UBC Library’s digital collections are made available in compliance with Canadian copyright law. If you are a rights holder and wish to contest the use of a specific resource, please contact UBC Library Digital Initiatives at

Notices should include:

  • the title and url of the specific work(s) in question;
  • confirmation that you are a rights holder or an authorized representative of a rights holder; and
  • the reason for the concern.

UBC Library Digital Initiatives will make an initial assessment of the validity and plausibility of concerns raised and will make every effort to respond to notices within 5 business days.

Upon receipt of what the UBC Library determines is a valid complaint, the specified work(s) will be made temporarily unavailable until such time as a resolution satisfactory to the UBC Library is reached. Possible resolutions include:

  • The resource will be made accessible again, unchanged.
  • The resource will be made accessible again, with agreed upon changes.
  • The resource will be removed from the UBC Library’s digital archives.

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